The Cutting Brothers Story

Driven by a crazy idea and a love of geography, our founder, Joerg Wiebe, being of German descent, opened Cutting Brothers. Located in the small town of Niagara on the Lake, Canada. His vision was to create 3D bathymetric wooden charts made of plywood.

His goal was, overtime, to cover all important and interesting areas and make charts of those areas.The Canadian lake district and into America was just the beginning, from there, his vision traveled back to his roots, Germany. He then focused on all of the North and Baltic Sea islands, we have now expanded well into all of Europe, Italy, Austria, France and the United Kingdom, we have since moved forward towards Dubai, Japan and Australia.

Alongside geographical areas of interest, we have established ourselves in several niche markets designing airports, golf courses and as well as stunning wine charts. Harbours are something we have now started to dabble in. Our vision just keeps expanding. 

It is Cutting Brothers goal to have more than 1000 different charts available at any given time. Personalization is what we love and our philosophy is: anything is possible!!