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3D wooden wall maps from Cutting Brothers

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Our selection of countries for a personal trip around the world!

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Immerse yourself in the details - discover our fascinating 3D wooden wall maps. Almost every location is available in two to three sizes. Whether XL, medium or small, design your wall to your taste.




Natur materials

In our dedication to quality and environmental awareness, we only use natural materials for our wooden wall maps. This not only ensures an authentic representation of the world, but also underlines our commitment to sustainable design and our claim to sustainability.

3D effect

Our unique 3D wooden wall maps are brought to life by precise three-dimensional technology and patient handwork.

Your world in wood

The vision at Cutting Brothers is to bring the world into our customers' homes in a unique way. By combining artistry, innovation and attention to detail, we create exclusive and high quality 3D wooden wall maps that not only depict geographical beauty, but also create a profound connection to places and their stories


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